Kingdom Creative Coaching Course: Unlocking Your Inner Creativity

Kingdom Creative Coaching Course: Unlock Your Inner Creativity

There is creativity in everyone.  This course is designed for; artists, musicians, hairdressers, athletes, chefs, teachers, poets, musicians, singers, dancers, authors, clothing designers…the list could go on and on.  When joining this exclusive program, you will learn that everyone has the creative nature of God inside of them.  We must ask God to help us find what that is (if we don’t know), ask Him to increase it and then begin to release it to the world.  Even gymnasts have to be creative when developing a routine on the floor mat!!  Don’t believe me? Ask one!!  There is purpose inside of you….let’s connect to it and go BEYOND!!


The treasure in our earthen vessels should be used for God’s glory.  However, we often find ourselves having to fight through doubts and fears to express that special something on the inside that’s pushing us to release it.  To emerge through these adversities and become our true selves, it takes a healthy support system.  A strong coach for guidance and a community to encourage you to finally BECOME!!  Join this program and let me walk you through steps to discover your purpose and begin using your gift, which makes room for you, and open up the economy your were meant to live from, your Promised Land.  It is God’s anointing, through your creative expression that will draw men into repentance!!!  Do not wait any longer.  Join today.  There are people waiting for YOU!

  • You will walk through a process and/or strategy for unlocking the creativity inside of you
  • You will walk away with a strategy on how to put language to YOUR specific creative voice
  • You will be positioned for economic increase by opening up the creative economy you were predestined to possess
  • You will be inspired and empowered to use your own creative expression while walking in your purpose and calling
  • You will receive strategies on how to release your creative voice through social media and digital real estate (website) and business.
  • You will receive expert advice on protecting your creative brand with Godly wisdom
  • You will understand the importance of fasting and prayer in relation to creative development
  • You will understand the importance of building a foundation with Jesus and relationship with Holy Spirit
  • You will learn to identify and break through barriers and negative influences that come to block your gift from flowing
  • You will be a part of a supportive community to help you walk successfully into purpose
  • You will receive a “Certificate of Completion”

I’m looking forward to coaching you through the beginning of your process!

Zelma Zee
Kingdom Creative,
“From His heart through His hands”