As a Christian artist it can be hard to find your place in this world as a creative. Not really having a good understanding of why God created you as an artist and how your creative expression can cause impact in the world for the Kingdom or God can be a struggle at times.

It’s not easy to do art alone and change lives around the world through art. You may find these things holding you back:

  • Feel stuck and uninspired in your creativity
  • Lack of confidence
  • Feeling overwhelmed with creativity
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Fear of being successful (Yes, that happens)
  • Lack of faith that God is with you
  • Feel inadequate in skill and/or business
  • Feel frustrated because you lack direction

Express Image Artistry Mentorship Program

What you need is a community of Kingdom believers to come along side you and push you into purpose. Join the Express Image Artistry Mentorship Program designed to help you gain confidence, clarity, increase your skill, and push you into purpose.

With the EIA Mentorship program you will:

  • Unlock Your Inner Creativity
  • Understand the call on your life as a creative
  • Connect with other artists in a Christian community
  • Become confident in your own personal creative expression
  • Be equipped to express your gift to the world
  • Grow in your spirit, artistic expression and in business
  • Learn how to connect with Holy Spirit to use your God-given gift